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Murder Mystery Dinner - Saturday 4th August 2018

Georgian Hotel & Spa
Haslemere, Surrey

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Event Type: Dinner  Event Type Info
Plot: A Multitude of Sins
£55 per person - Dinner  Dinner Price Info
£115 per person - Dinner & 1 Night Stay 1 Night Price Info
£155 per person - Dinner & 2 Night Stay  2 Night Price Info

Single Room supplements apply (£25 per person if staying 1 night or £55 if staying 2 nights)
The second night of a 2 night stay is on a bed and breakfast basis

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A Multitude of Sins
A Multitude of Sins 

Never Forgotten is a charity that provides support for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Funded by donors great and small, it works quietly away behind the scenes, providing what support it can to those in need, whether it be counselling or simply a listening ear. However, a change in leadership has provided the impetus for change in the organisation. The charity is seeking a higher profile and being more proactive in generating donations. Whilst many welcome this break from the charity's more modest past, some question the motivation of the organisation's new management. Whatever their reasons, more money has to be good for the charity, doesn't it? And surely any disagreements would be ignored at a gala fund-raising dinner...wouldn't they?

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