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Frequently Asked Questions - Gift Vouchers

Click on one of the headings below to see a list of frequently asked questions relating to that topic. If you cannot find an answer to your question here call us on 03300 882 851 or click here to send us your question and we will answer as soon possible.

Buying a voucher

What value vouchers can I buy?
You can buy vouchers in any multiple of £10.

How long are Killing Game vouchers valid?
Killing Game vouchers are valid for at least 2 years from the date of purchase.

What events can vouchers be used for?
Killing Game vouchers can be used for any weekend or evening booked through The Killing Game.

How do I buy a voucher?
Just give us a call on 03300 882851 and we can take all the necessary details and payment by credit or debit card.

What do I get with a gift voucher?
The voucher will come with a brochure containing our upcoming events and a booklet with general information about how our events work.

Please note occasionally during September/October we will have run out of the current year's brochure and not have our next year's brochure yet. If we don't send a brochure nstead we will also include our latest newsletter with details about our upcoming plots (if you want to sign up for future newsletters you can do so here).

Can I get a gift voucher in a hurry?
Certainly. We can send a voucher straightaway (subject to our opening hours) by email so you can print something out to give (we'll still put the usual stuff in the post so you've got the proper copy). Alternatively, for a small extra charge we can send the voucher and gift pack by Special Delivery.

Can you send the voucher direct to the recipient?
Of course. Let us know their address and we'll post it direct to them and then send you the receipt.

I live with the person I'm giving the voucher to and I don't want them to guess what I've got them from the envelope - can you help?
Yes. Just tell us when you book and we'll make sure that we send your voucher in an envelope without our logo or company name.

Redeeming a voucher

How do I use my voucher?
Just choose the event you would like to go to (see our diary page for all available events) and then give us a call on 03300 882851 to place your booking. We will need the voucher reference to validate the voucher.

What events can my voucher be used towards?
Killing Game vouchers can be used for any weekend or evening booked through The Killing Game.

What if the cost of my booking is less than the value of the voucher?
The remainder will still be available to use at a later date, towards another event if you so wish.

What if the cost of my booking exceeds the value of my voucher?
You have to pay the difference.

I have lost my voucher, what do I do?
It will still be on our computer system, so give us a call and we should be able to re-issue the voucher.

My voucher is about to expire but I can't make any of the upcoming events?
Give us a call and we should be able to extend the expiry date of your voucher.

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