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Frequently Asked Questions - Weekend Events

Click on one of the headings below to see a list of frequently asked questions relating to that topic. If you cannot find an answer to your question here call us on 03300 882 851 or click here to send us your question and we will answer as soon possible.

If you want to see details of all the weekend events we have coming up between now and please visit our weekend event diary page.

What happens?

How does a murder mystery weekend work?
First of all, there will be a scenario, a reason a group of people will come together for a weekend. We'll tell you all about it 3 to 4 weeks beforehand. You're asked to play along with this story. Mixed in with all the guests for the weekend will be a number of actors who will play the central roles - the victims and suspects. You will be acting as a sleuth for the weekend, watching and getting involved in the events that lead up to the first murder and then observing the aftermath to try and unveil the murderer or murderers at the end of the weekend.

If you want to find out more about murder mysteries in general please see our What Is A Murder Mystery? FAQ

What time does the weekend start and finish?
Our murder mystery weekends generally start at around 4.00pm with a cream tea on the Saturday, with a break between 5.30pm and 7.30pm for everyone to change for dinner. Action generally stops for the night at around 10.30pm on the Saturday. The mystery then continues at around 9.30am on the Sunday and the murderer(s) will be unveiled at around 11am.

These times may vary slightly so please check the timetable on each event's page to see its timings. Also, please check whether you are coming to an evening event or a weekend event (just because you are staying overnight does not mean the event you have booked is a weekend event).

How involved do I have to be?
As much as you want to be. The actors will remain in character at all times and will treat you as if you are involved in the plot (you will get a Background Details document with lots of details 3-4 weeks before the event). You are free to play along with this as much as you want, but you will not be given a character yourself and we don't force you to do anything you don't want to do.

How many characters are there in a murder mystery weekend?
There will be six or seven characters - it depends on the plot. Some will quickly become apparent but some may be a little more unobtrusive, hidden away within the crowd.

Will I be given a part to play?
For an evening event, all guests are given a basic idea of who they are (friend, family member, business partner etc); guests will usually have the same information. For a weekend event, you will be given some more specific information on who you are and some background information. Not all guests will have the same information. However, in both cases you won't be required to do any acting. How far you want to go in "playing the part" is entirely up to you.

How will we find clues?
Keep your eyes and ears open. Some small clues are in the Background Details. Others will be distributed over the weekend. Of course, the biggest source of information is the actors themselves. They may not be forthcoming with all the juicy gossip straight away, but don't let up interrogating them.

Are there clues in the actors' possessions?
As a general rule, anything that is a clue will be clearly left as such. Handbags, jackets and so forth are never clues and whilst we appreciate enthusiasm, pickpockets are less welcome.

How can I be sure I pick up all the clues?
A good tactic is to pool your observations and theories with your fellow sleuths. It's a great way to meet other people and to see what you may not have noticed.

Is there only one murderer?
It depends on the plot. There may be one, two or more. There may even be a conspiracy between two people to commit murder. All you have to do is work out which.

When a murder occurs, where are all the police and ambulance staff?
The characters may refer to the emergency services after a murder, but there will not be any actual crime scene investigator or ambulance arriving. It's up to you to solve the mystery!

Can you kill one of my group?
Unfortunately, no matter how deserving your friends may be, our victim and suspects are all played by professional actors - they have a lot of scenes to play out and information to impart, which is best done by actors.

What should I do if I miss a scene or can't hear what is being said?
Simply ask the characters involved what was going on! If it was an argument, you can bet that at least one person will be willing to spill the beans. Even if they deny everything, their response will tell you otherwise. In some cases, you may find that other characters that weren't involved might be more willing to dish the dirt.

When can I ask the suspects questions?
At any time - although 3:00am is probably pushing your luck...

Do I have to wait for the characters to come and talk to me?
Not at all. They may well get distracted by other groups of people, so hunt them down! Send out search parties to quiz them or drag them over.

Should I follow actors back to their bedrooms - will there be any clues inside?
Whilst it is flattering to be tailed so efficiently, please respect the privacy of the actors when they return to their rooms. There are no clues to be gained from working out who is sharing with whom!

Why can't I wait with the dead body until the police turn up and take it away?
Sadly, our budget doesn't stretch to actually killing an actor for each murder mystery. Not only would it make casting tricky, but also there are legal issues, which we cannot get around. In light of this, the murder victim is only acting. Once you have witnessed the crime scene, please give the actor concerned enough privacy to get up, go to their room and clean the blood off.

Do you do comedy murder mysteries?
Hmm, tricky. Our plots are written such that the characters will be treating all events as real. Murders, affairs and blackmail are serious matters! However, that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities for humour in the characters, the situations and in banter with the guests. What we DO NOT do is the "Carry On Agatha Christie" style of panto/murder mystery, with comedy French maids and Colonel Mustard lookalikes. There are several other companies that specialise in "comedy over plot" if that's your preference, but we prefer to focus on a detailed background that allows you to sleuth as well as have a good time.

What is the dress code?
That depends on the event. For a weekend event, we only normally have a dress code for the dinner on the Saturday night, at other times you can wear what you like. The dress code will be given in the notes that you will receive beforehand. It is normally black tie or fancy dress. However, since all of our dress codes are optional, you can wear pretty much whatever you feel comfortable in. It is usually best to wear something, otherwise it tends to distract from the murder mystery...

Do I have to wear fancy dress?
Only if the plot requires it and you want to! We don't want to force our guests to do anything they don't want to do. If you don't want to wear fancy dress, you don't have to.

Will there be much blood?
It depends on how the victim is killed; poisoning is usually fairly clean, but a slashed throat might not be...

What is the average age of guests at one of your weekend events?
The age range is from 11 to 90; however, we tend to get slightly more guests between 25-55, though it is by no means limited to that.

Can we just come for the evening?
The simple answer is "No". As this is a weekend event the murder mystery starts on the Saturday afternoon and finishes on the Sunday morning, so if you just come for the evening you will miss more than half the murder mystery.

Booking an event

How do I make a booking?
Just give us a call on 03300 882851 and we'll take your details and book for you. Or you can book on-line.

Can I get members of my party to book for themselves?
Yes. First book for yourself and then let us know approximately how many other people you expect to be in your group. Then get your friends to book asking them to mention your name, so we can seat you together.

Can I make a provisional booking?
Almost certainly! We know it can take a short while to put a large group together, so we're happy to provisionally book places for you. We can normally hold a provisional booking for a few days before we require confirmation of numbers and a deposit. If the event is many months away we can sometimes hold a provisional booking for a few weeks. This may vary depending on how close to the event the provisional booking is made or how full the event is; give us a call and our sales staff will clarify this for you.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes. If you make the booking more than a month in advance the deposit on booking is 10% of the total booking, with the remainder due 4 weeks before the event. If you book less than a month in advance we require full payment with booking. (Note: this only applies to public events, for details of payment terms for private events see the section on private events)

Is there a booking fee or a fee for paying with a credit or debit card?
No. The price published on each event is the price you will pay.

How do I pay the balance of my booking?
Just select the "My Booking" option in the menu on the left of the web site (or click here). You will need your booking number and the surname of the person that made the booking.

Can I pay off my booking a bit at a time?
Yes you can, just follow the instructions above for paying the balance then just select to make a part payment.

Can I pay cash on the day?
Unfortunately not. We have already had to pay the venue by that point so we require payment before the actual event.

I'm booking this as a surprise for someone I live with - can you help?
Naturally. Just tell us when you book and we'll make sure your booking details go in an envelope that does not have any logos on. Or if they have a tendency to open your post let us know and we can send all the details by email only. Also, we'll then know to be circumspect should we have to call you.

How many people do I have to bring?
You can come just by yourself or bring a group. The size of group we can accommodate depends on availability and we do limit groups to no more than 2 tables. If your group will be 25 or more people then we recommend a private event.

How many people will be there?
About 50 to 65 people; we put a maximum of 65 people on our events even if the venue can hold more.

Can I come on my own?
Of course you can. Most of our guests come in couples or small groups, but there's nothing stopping you turning up on your own. For meals, you'll be seated with others in small groups so you'll have the opportunity to make new friends.

The event I'm interested in is sold out, is there any chance space will become available?
It's possible. If you'd like to be kept on a waiting list, we can let you know if places become available. Fill out our enquiry form with your name, the date you are interested in, a contact number or email address and how many places you are looking for.

Can I book just to come for the evening?
As this is a weekend event, starting on the Saturday afternoon and finishing on the Sunday morning, we cannot separate out just the evening part. If you want to come just for an evening, you will need to book one of our evening only events.

What are your cancellation terms?
See our Terms & Conditions for details. If you are booking accommodation and are concerned that you may have to cancel it may be advisable to make sure you have travel insurance in place.

What if I'm taken ill on the day?
We still have to apply our cancellation terms.

Can I switch my booking to a different event?
It depends on how close to the oringinal event date you let us know. With sufficient notice we can normally switch you at no charge (apart from any difference in the price). Speak to our sales staff for details.

Do you sell travel insurance?
We do not currently sell travel insurance. There are plenty of companies around that sell travel insurance. Some credit cards will give you travel insurance for anything you pay for on the card. Alternatively you can purchase single trip travel insurance on-line from companies such as

How do I book a private event?
First see our private event FAQ then call us up on 03300 882851 and check our availability, then we'll need a signed booking form and a deposit. Or fill out our enquiry form telling us how many people will be in your group, dates you are interested, the venue or area you are looking to hold the event in, whether you need us to find and book a venue for you and the type of event you are looking for.

Hotel & meal information

What will tea on the Saturday afternoon consist of?
This varies from hotel to hotel. Some hotels offer a selection of cakes and scones, others just scones (ie cream tea), others just cake and some offer sandwiches and cake. There will always be tea and coffee. If you'd like to find out what the tea will be at a specific hotel, just give us a call.

What will the dinner be?
Most events are a set menu with a vegetarian option. We do not normally have the menu until about 6 weeks before the event. Check the event page - the menu will be published on there as soon as it is decided.

Why isn't the menu à la carte?
With larger parties, most venues request that the food orders are received beforehand so we are unable to offer you an à la carte option.

Can you cater for special dietary needs?
Yes, we can. Simply telephone or email us with your dietary requirements and we will organise something suitable for you.

Are any drinks included?
No drinks are included in the price, other than water.

Can we have a table to ourselves?
That will depend on how many are in your group and who is in the rest of the audience. If you are in a group of 6 or less, it's more likely you will have other guests on your table with you as well as an actor. With larger groups it may be necessary to split your group onto one or more tables (please check the maximum size of table when booking).

Will there be a disco?
Not at a murder mystery weekend.

Other questions

You don't have an event on the date I want, can you organise something?
We can, but only if you have 30 or more people. See our Private Events FAQ for more details.

Do you allow children?
We don't disallow them. However, our plots tend to be a bit complex for younger children and we don't generally recommend them for children under 12 for that reason. Our weekend plots generally contain adult themes, with the more sordid elements of human behaviour (affairs, extortion, theft, mentions of pornography, some swearing etc.) and at least one murder. That doesn't mean that some won't enjoy it anyway, but you know your child better than we do. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

I'm bringing a group for a birthday, can you organise a cake?
It is normally better for you to bring a cake yourself as this will work out a lot cheaper than getting the hotel to organise one.

It's my friend's hen night, can I organise a stripper?
Naked or semi-naked bodies tend to distract people from the murder mystery, so we'd ask you not to.

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