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Tewkesbury Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club

Lincoln Green Lane, TEWKESBURY, Gloucestershire GL20 7DN
Tel: 01684 295405
Please note the venue will not be able to help with bookings for our events.

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Hotel & Grounds
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Tewkesbury Park Golf and country Club, was opened July 1976 and the course was designed by the famous golfer and course designer, Frank Pennick. The Hotel stands at the summit of a small hill on a site where Romano-British Glevum ware has been found.

The present building is believed to have been erected by John and Mary Brilliana Wall in the late 18th century, but there has been a house here at least as early at the 14th century, when Edward le Despenser was Lord of Tewkesbury manor, and the Clares used it as a hunting lodge. In 1553 Queen Mary leased it to the Jermingham family for 20s per annum and they later bought it. They leased it to John Nanfan of Birtsmorton, who employed Cardinal Wolsey as a family chaplin when he was a young man. It was eventually bought by Sir John Popham, and was then passed by marriage to the Wall family, and in 1871 Rev Joseph Shapland, a distant relative, bought it and built two galleries for his picture collection, but on his death in 1837 the pictures were sold and the galleries pulled down. He left the estate to his daughter Fanny who married James Primatt Sargeaunt; her daughter Violet inherited in 1933 and lived there until her death in 1973.

Mrs Violet Salmon's life was quite eventful at Tewkesbury Park believing as she did that her ancestral home was haunted by a poltergeist. Poltergeists, as many people know, are said to be malevolent manifestations which "haunt" in a rather violent manner - often throwing things around, smashing and breaking crockery, and generally making a nuisance of themselves and must be a pretty traumatic experience. The trouble began when she was a child, with reports of crashes and noises in the house. Doors were said to have been seen to open unaided and a mysterious organ playing gave the people in the house frightening moments, and other typical poltergeist pranks went on in the house according to Mrs Salmon. Nor was she the only one to complain of the antics of the alleged poltergeist, her husband, servants, and many other people were involved in these experiences at Tewkesbury Park...

For more information about the hotel please visit their web site

Events at this venue
Saturday 24th November 2018  [Details]Dinner: (New Autumn Evening)
£59.50 per person - Dinner Dinner Price Info
£129.50 per person - Dinner & 1 Night Stay 1 Night Price Info
£197 per person - Dinner & 2 Night Stay  2 Night Price Info
Call 03300 882 851 to book
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