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Hendon Hall Hotel

Ashley Lane, LONDON NW4 1HF
Tel: 0208 457 2500
Please note the venue will not be able to help with bookings for our events.

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Hendon Hall Hotel was originally known as the Hendon Manor, which dates back to the 1500s and was known to have been recorded in the Doomsday Book. Originally any income generated by the Manor was granted to Westminster Abbey, but later was seized by the Crown for the Church of England.

King Henry's son Edward gave the manor to the Earl of Pembroke in return for good and faithful services and he in turn gave it to his son Edward as a wedding present in 1569. The Pembroke family lost the Manor during the Civil War for being on the wrong side as Loyalists, but regained it during the Restoration of Charles II.

In 1688 the Lord of the Manor was a staunch supporter of the Catholic James II and fled with him to France, therefore losing his land and title. Yet again Hendon Manor reverted to the Crown but was soon occupied by the Powis family.

The last Marquis died without issue. The memorial title, rights and income of the Hendon Manor were sold in the late 18th century to David Garrick. He was a famous actor and manager of the Drury Lane Theatre and bought the property for £13,000. David Garrick achieved great fame, so much so that his head was on the half-penny coin.

David Garrick fervently admired Shakespeare and created a memorial to him in the grounds of Hendon Manor, the tribute to William Shakespeare reads as follows:
William Shakespeare

There also now stands a Memorial to David Garrick who died as Lord of the Manor in 1779. The Memorial reads as follows:
David Garrick
He was owner of the estate
Viarial Patron and
Lord of the Manor of Hendon

The Memorial still stands in the front of the grounds, although he was buried in Westminster Abbey.

In 1852 Hendon Hall was a girl's school. Plays were often performed on the lawns in the grounds on summer evenings.

Hendon Hall first opened its doors as a hotel in 1911, but was closed during the Second World War to become an RAF convalescent home. After the war it became a hotel again, starting off with a grand re-opening that local residents remember to this day. In 1966, the most famous England Team of all stayed at Hendon Hall during the World Cup, which of course they won! Photographs around the house were mostly taken in the grounds of Hendon Hall. The team walked from Hendon Hall to Wembley as part of their training.

Take a look around the grounds - in the garden stands an original mounting block for the horses and a jardiniere which was part of the original building. Photographs of the house during the Edwardian era show how little the house has changed over the ages. Today you can still wine and dine in the elegant and tranquil 18th century surroundings of the Sheridan and Johnson state rooms.

For more information about the hotel please visit their web site

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