Elmers Court Hotel & Resort

Location: Lymington, Hampshire

Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel & Resort is located on the stunning Solent Coast, at the edge of the New Forest and lies within 23 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. Our hotel in the New Forest offers the perfect setting for any occasion with spacious en-suite accommodation, excellent facilities and stunning gardens.

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Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March 2019

Event type: Murder Mystery Weekend
Plot: Home To Roost
1 Night Stay: From £170 per person

These prices are based on two people sharing a standard double or twin bedroom


Early information suggested the main house was built in the early 1900s; it has since been ascertained that a building existed in 1820. Originally called "The Elms", it is mentioned in the book "Country Houses of Hampshire" and played a major part in the social and political history of Lymington during the 1800s.

The original estates around the Lymington area were owned by large land owners, like the Burrard family (1668-1883) and the Worsleys who owned Pywell House (1646-1780). The Whitaker family, whose wealth was derived from Masala wine and its Italian vineyards, took over Pywell House in 1874, incorporating the Elms Estate. Mr. James Whitaker was an M.P. and a Justice of the Peace. It is thought that The Elms was used as a local courthouse. With the help of the Hampshire dialect, it was not long before The Elms was being referred to as "Elmer-ers Court" and so its new identity was born.

When Mr. Hugh Whitaker inherited the estate in 1893, he practically rebuilt it and the leaded drain pipes down the West wing have the date 1911 on them. The house remained in the Whitaker family until the early 1930's, when it was taken over by the Middlesex County Council for use as a school for delicate children (asthmatic, T.B. etc.)

In the 1940s it was taken over by the War Office for use as an electronics and communication centre by American and Canadian armed forces to co-ordinate the D-Day landings. During the build up, Elmers Court was also used as a spy training school; the famous British spy "Odette" was trained here. After the invasion forces were established in France, Elmers Court became a Rest & Relaxation centre for American and Canadian armed forces. At the end of hostilities, Elmers court was returned to the Middlesex and Harrow Borough Councils and was once again used as a school, this time for "problem children".

In 1979 Elmers Court was acquired for Multi-Ownership by Mr. Vic Reid. Having been taken over by Burry & Knight in 1984 the resort was sold to Barratt International Resorts Ltd. in 1986 to become one of 10 superb resorts throughout the UK and Spain. Macdonald Hotels have wholly owned Barratt International resorts since 2001.

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