Ansty Hall Hotel

Location: Ansty, Warwickshire

The AA four star Macdonald Ansty Hall is a magnificent Grade II listed Georgian house dating back to 1678. Set in 8 acres of grounds, the hotel overlooks the rolling Warwickshire countryside. Although only minutes from major motorways, hustle and bustle seems a world away from this peaceful haven.

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Saturday 6th April 2019

Event type: Murder Mystery Evening
Plot: Writing Wrongs
Dinner only: £59.50 per person
Dinner & 1 Night Stay: From £117.50 per person

Saturday 21st September 2019

Event type: Murder Mystery Evening
Plot: (New Summer Evening)
Dinner only: £59.50 per person
Dinner & 1 Night Stay: From £117.50 per person

These prices are based on two people sharing a standard double or twin bedroom


Occupying an old manor house site, the present-day Ansty Hall was built in the latter part of the 17th Century by Richard Tayler. A staunch Parliamentarian, Tayler took advantage of Cromwell's rule. When Cromwell came to power, all land owned by the church and the Monarchy were confiscated and sold to those who could afford it. When Cromwell was defeated and Charles II gained the throne, Ansty and all the surrounding area was taken back by the Monarchy and given to the church, without so much of a penny in compensation for Tayler. Tayler only resumed tenancy of the estate after spending six months in prison and proving his loyalty to the church and crown.

There are many questions surrounding Richard Tayler's history. Even after proving his loyalty to the crown and church, did Tayler still hold Cromwell's ideals? Why, when Tayler had so much land did he build the house so close to the church? The present front of the house was actually originally the back, which would have meant that the main drive to the hall would have come past the graveyard of the church.

The tenancy of Ansty Hall remained in the main line of the Tayler family until 1799, when the last of the Taylers, Edward Tayler, died. The estate then reverted through the female line to Simon Adams.

Although the Adams family lived in such a grand house, they were not a wealthy family. All male members found themselves joining the church, the military or (if they were lucky) marrying a wealthy heiress. Some of the Adams family were actually clergy to the church behind the hall. Of all the men that joined the military the highest ranking was Sir Henry Adams, who rose to the rank of Brigadier General. Sir Henry actually died in 1854 from wounds received in the Crimean War. The bell tower with its inscription was erected in his honour by his grieving widow.

With houses this old many stories emerge, some true, some not so true, and this house is no exception. There are many different stories, especially of the supernatural variety. Sir Henry Adams has been sighted many times in the hall and also in the grounds - a man in his late thirties with a moustache and wearing a blue uniform...

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Thanks for a fun night on Saturday at Ansty Hall. Enjoyed ourselves doing something a bit different, well acted and well thought out plot.